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** Reply to message from "Patricia M. Godfrey"  on Thu, 08
Dec 2005 18:27:31 -0500

> in 98SE. Every so often,
> when I go to copy from Tbird to Xy using Clip, the routine times out. I
> then go back and cut the offending passage into smaller chunks, and it
> works. The maddening thing is that at other times I can copy and paste
> much larger passages without a hitch.

Thanks for reporting this. I think the new version will take care of this
automatically (assuming I understand what you mean by "times out" -- you mean
"hangs"? or reports an error?). In the new version, you can set the size of
the "chunks" that are put through the Windows function -- in other words,
CLIP.EXE now automatically processes a Clip of any size in pieces, looping
around to get another piece until the whole Clip is processed -- you won't ever
need to grab small pieces manually anymore. The default "chunksz=8192" bytes,
but you can change this in REG (my Win2K installation is set to 20,480, but XP
should be 8192 or lower). That still means that you can process a Clip of
300Kb or whatever at a single shot -- the changes are internal and invisible.

Robert Holmgren