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Re: U2 version 119

** Reply to message from Carl Distefano  on Sat, 07 Jan 2006
00:42:31 -0500

Further to Carl's msg:

That whole thread is interesting, and bears on this problem (click "2004
Threads in Alphabetic [or Chronological] Order" and read the thread "CLIP's
test of virtue -- and memory immunization?").

Also: There's a program in U2 called SEELDSGT. Usage:


"SEELDSGT d:\path\SAVEGET.SGT" will convert each of the programs in
that LDSGT file (SAVEGET.SGT), and additionally show which Save/Get they've
been individually assigned to. It is *easy* to take these programs and stick
them in U2: wrap Ascii-2's around each program, give it an unambiguous Type-5
{{5framename}} mimicking the format applied to almost every other program in
U2, CoPy into U2, LOADHELP -- and Done.

Re Jordan's complaint that it isn't always easy to find msgs at XySearch:
actually, if you have a good ear for the terms used to discuss things, it's
pretty easy. I mean, if LDSGT is one of your keywords, you're likely to
encounter pretty much everything that has to do with managing files like
SAVEGET.SGT. A big part of the problem is that there is SO much repetition,
but that a lot of it is followup and hence doesn't comprehensively address the
issue. Another obscurity is the idiotic Subject names that some people give to
msgs. I mean, "Clip's test of virtue"? What's that supposed to mean? Then
there are people who do not "Reply to" a specific msg in an existing thread;
instead they compose a new msg from scratch but give it the same Subject --
that's not how Email works! Emailers keep careful track of the msgs that they
reply to, all that info is encoded in the Email header, allowing databases like
XySearch to generate Threads. Still others change the Subject name within a
thread: "CLIP's test of virtue / XP lag" (meaning what?) willy-nilly becomes
"CLIP's test of virtue -- and memory immunization?" (meaning what?).
Denotative Subjects are best! Or they start a brand new Subject -- but
initiate the msg by "Replying To" a specific person, which plunks irrelevant
msgs into an existing Thread (in fairness, this is less frequent now). Not to
mention the off-topic clutter. All things that contribute to muddy results. I
try to manually fix as much of this as I can, but...

Robert Holmgren