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Re: Strange files...

 Thanks Robert. I've done as you suggested. I did notice
 them in the past, but it seems to me that there were not
 as many of them as lately, so I was not all that concerned.
 I just deleted them manually.

 At your leisure, what does the reference to KMD in the
 STARTUP.INT file line below do? I know what KMD is. I
 am only asking, why there?

 Again, thanks. Maben

On Fri, 6 Jan 2006, Robert Holmgren wrote:

> ** Reply to message from "M.W. Poirier"  on Fri, 06
> Jan 2006 18:07:28 -0400 (EDT)
> Maben:
> These are overflow files. Surprised you haven't noticed them before -- they're
> a fixture. I get rid of them in STARTUP.INT (you do NOT want to delete them
> while XyWrite is running -- they might be currently in-use!). The concept is
> to put them in a directory that has no other *.TMP files in it -- they are
> written wherever default DR points. So I have two lines near the top of INT
> that read as follows:
> BX d dr=d:\XY4\BTFONTS\Q2 ;*;
> BX dos/nv/x/z /c kmd.exe /c del /Q d:\XY4\BTFONTS\*.TMPQ2 ;*;
> The /Q[uiet] switch instructs the command processor to skip any confirmation
> query. And that's the end of that.
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