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Carl - I think I use your define program - or at least some of it - or at least
something modeled after it - or something I wrote after I looked at your
program (after you looked at my program). Know what I mean? Likewise as to the
"lean" version - F1 is too ubiquitous to spend much time thinking about what I
really want to do when I hit it. If I hit it 3 times, it re-cycles - key
choices after the F1 are word (without the separator), sentence, paragraph,
number, and name. (number and name are probably peculiar to my needs). Which
brings me to my point. You guys writing programs for everyman - who do you
think uses your stuff? - Not housewives - there's no such thing as a "new"
XyWrite/Sig user. The only people interested in what you write are people who
write their own stuff. What we look for in your stuff are the little gems of
logic or subroutines that workaround a problem or a bug. If you looked at my
xpl code you'd see &E's scattered around (they zero the er value), and &S's to
preserve the cmd line, and &R's to restore it - they're in the keyboard file
too. So keep at it. Me and 5 other people in this country appreciate it!