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Re: Grrr [OS2 and XY install]

** Reply to note from James D. Besser  08/09/95
07:06am -0400

> On Wed, 9 Aug 1995, Dr John Gordon wrote:
> > something wrong with the Xy installer.
> Not to start another OS flame war, but....
> Nothing wrong with THIS installer, as far as I know.

Hi James,

Sorry, mate, I did not mean you, the human installer. I was referring to the
XyWrite install program. I gather install programs are often third party
apps that companies buy and distribute with their software to make it
"easy" to install. I had no trouble with the XyWin 4.12 upgrade on my OS/2
machine, but a colleague had the installation fail on his name brand (DEC)
Windows machine. I think he also had trouble on his OS/2 home machine.
Our computer tech person said he frequently encountered lousy install
programs. He got XyWrite to install by circumventing the install program.
No insult intended!

And on operating systems: There is no doubt that the new breed is vastly
more complicated than DOS/Windows. OS/2 will thoroughly test a machine
it is being installed on and stop the install if it finds something it doesn't
like. I'm willing to bet that Win95 after a few months on sale will generate
a similar litany of install problems.

John G.

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