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In the course of installing XyWin 4.12 on my office machine,
several text filters got left out and were not installed. These
include the latest Word for Windows and Wordperfect for Windows
filters, RTF, WFW 2.0 and WP 5.1/5.2. Bizarrely, they all
appear in the window of filter choices under File Open Options
(as chosen during the custom install procedure), but the actual
filters are not there (I checked using File Manager).

Now what do I do? Re-running install and choosing the "modify
existing setup" option simply asks me for the name off the
file(s) I want to add. Need I elaborate on how a dumb a question
that is? Because the files are packed on the diskettes, I can't
get their names or copy them manually. My separate list of XyWin
4.12 files is at home and I'm here. Must I wait another day to
use XyWrite or can some kind soul help me out?

Thanks all.

Note to TTG Techies: I know you've heard it before (not the least
from me), but please do something about the Install procedure to
make adding new files more friendly. Thanks

Doug Beeson
EDI World Institute beesond@xxxxxxxx