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Re: Touchpad!


I've been looking for a notebook for some time and, like you (but
for different reasons) want a touchpad. Also like you I have seen
no comparative reviews.

However, a *PC Magazine* writer in a recent (couple of months
ago) review of Twinhead notebooks made it a point to mention how
*intuitive* he found the touchpad Twinhead uses. He also said the
company manufacturing that touchpad claims that it *adapts*
(there's a technical term, but I can't remember it at the moment)
to the user.

Regretfully, I also can't remember the name of the company
manufacturing the touchpad, nor do I have Twinhead's telephone
number (but they advertise in every issue of *PC Mag*).
Doubtless the Twinhead folks would give you the touchpad
company's name.


Jimmy C Diecker
Latin American Institute
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On Thu, 23 Nov 1995, Nathan Sivin wrote:

> Touchpads seem not to be a mature technology. For several years I
> have been using a trackball, but like mice, it is impossible if you
> have furry cats that shed. I am ready to move to a touchpad.
> > The problem is that I have not seen a comparative review, and the
> usual squibs give no idea of which of the several quite different
> designs is best for a given purpose.
> > Has anyone on this list read a comparative review or, better yet,
> tried more than one brand of touchpad? I would be delighted if I
> could get some advice.
> > --
> Nathan Sivin
> History and Sociology of Science
> University of Pennsylvania
> Philadelphia PA 19104-3325
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