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pclex behaviour

Dear Robert

In trying to accomodate to the PCLEX dictionary, now I have lost use of my UK Microlytics, I have
discovered a couple of changes of behaviour that I hadn't been aware of before, though you may be.

In XY4DOS, I normally use draft mode. In this mode, whatever modification I make to the
appropriate line in the speller frame, I always get instances where the speller obscures the word
it is querying. (I am using 28 lines, so you may not see this with 25 lines.) If I switch to P-L
mode then the queried word is never obscured. I have now reset the number in the speller frame to
0 (I believe it is 14 in your latest XY4.DLG) and the speller remains well behaved.

In XYWIN, if I use draft mode (I had regularly been using P-L here) then I lose the problem of the
text disappearing off the left hand side of the screen when some words to the right hand end of a
line are queried. This has always happened with both spellers in P-L mode. I also note that the
Microlytics dictionary opens footnotes when it finds a query, whereas PCLEX does not.

In XY4DOS, I do get the text disappearing off the LHS of the screen when using the PCLEX speller in
P-L mode (though not in draft mode). Is there any modification you are aware of to the frame in
XY4.DLG which will curb this behaviour?