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Re: your subject headers and spam/Xywrite: zc=Zero Capitalization

** Reply to message from "EBERLE, JIM"  on Thu, 13 Nov
2003 11:09:40 -0500

> I think the point that's being made by Art and Robert

Not! The opposite.

> is that the "From" in some e-mail boxes, including mine,
> lists the name of the sender, not "xywrite @"

Not "some" mailers ("mail boxes")! ALL Emailers should identify the author of
the Email in the "From" header. Because that's what the "From:" header
contains: the sender's email address (and, often, plain text name as well).
The "From:" header is not useful here.

> Thus, I'm unsure whether to open the e-mail or just delete it as spam. I
> recognize your name and a few others, but not the bulk of the list members.

The points here are that Art is both using an incorrectly configured filter
_and_ discriminating manually on the basis of the Subject line. The filter
(your filter too, maybe) should be configured to *accept* any mail with a "To:"
(or "Reply-To:" or "Sender:" or "Return-Path:") header which contains
"identical to", but "contains") "xywrite@xxxxxxxx"; and,
the filter should steer such mail into a separate subdirectory (folder) under
the Inbox -- not jumbled in with everything else -- so that XyWrite mail is in
a distinct place and never needs to be inspected manually.

Robert Holmgren