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Re: backup files (*.bak) in xyWin

≪ Recently I'm experiencing a small but irritating problem
that I'd never before found using XyWin: the expected backup
file of the last original version of the file I'm working on
is often not created. I'm not able to understand when it is
created and when not. Obviously the bk default is set to 1.
The only things I suppose are not constant on my XyWin are
the personal hyphenation file (which I need to hyphenate
Italian words) and the personal spelling file (which I need
for the words linked with apostrophe): these files, in fact,
are continuously updated and their sizes increase. Any one
of you experienced the same problem? ≫ --Adriano Ortile
Re: backup files (*.bak) in XyWin

Hi, Adriano. I've no clue what's going on with your xyWin
and my record trying to get xyDos xpl to work in xyWin is
dismal, but this list is so unforthcoming with xyWin help
that I'm offering anyway a pgm that at least works in
xyWrite 3 like d bk=1, stores your file, and lists its dir.
Since the idea of a working dir full of .BAK files gives
me the vapors !BAK saves *.BAK to a dir named c:\bak if it
exists, otherwise it does back up to the file's dir. Usage
note in the file. Give it a shot. If it works, all to the
good; if not, small loss since it took about five minutes
to write using procedures from a !PROfile library, described
in another msg I'm posting.

bk=1 backs up when you store, right, not as you open a file?
If I have that wrong it would be easy enough to turn it
around. But I'm betting that !BAK will choke xyWin just
because. My fingers are crossed that xyWin's phantom
successor implements VBASIC since xpl in xyWin is so flaky.

Well, anyway, welcome to the list. ... Ciao. 	--a

=========================================== adpFisher  nyc
http://www.escape.com/%7Eadpf/_xypro.html ===============================

®if@siz(®va$fp¯)<1!¯®prfile?¯®ex¯®ei¯ÿ?®lb _24_4Loop¯®sv24,®lb¯®if®pv14¯>0¯®pv12¯®sx14,®pv14¯-1¯®gl¯®ei¯ÿ?£¯®lb _36_FilePath¯®sv36,®sx14,@siz(®va$fi¯)¯®sx12,®va$fp¯¯®pv12¯®sv12,ÿ?+¯®lb 4Loop¯®pv24¯ÿ?£¯®sv86,ÿ?	ÿ?¯®sx14,®va$fi¯¯®pv14¯®sv14,.¯®if®is14¯î®va$fi¯>0¯®sx14,(@siz(®va$fi¯))-(®is14¯î®va$fi¯)¯®sv12,ÿ?+¯®lb_4Loop¯®pv24¯®ei¯.BAK®su12,®sx13,®is00¯¯ÿ?¯®gt12¯®sv00,c:\bak\¯exist ®pv00¯ÿ?+ÿ?	®if(®er¯)¯ÿ?®lb_FilePath¯®pv36¯®su12,¯®gt12¯®ei¯ÿ?ernv ®pv00¯®pv13¯®pv86¯sa ®pv00¯®pv13¯ÿ?A®pv86¯ÿ??saÿ?A®pv86¯ÿ??ab®pv86¯dir ®lb_FilePath¯®pv36¯®pv86¯edÿ?ñÿ?Uÿ?U®ex¯ --adpFisher  nyc 11 Jan 1998

!BAK makes a *.BAK file of an open file in a dir named c:\bak if it exists, else backs up to the
same dir as the file; stores the file; and lists the file's dir. Usage:

assign to a key, and when you're ready hit store key:

 nn=BC,r,u,n, ,!,b,a,k,XC

otherwise, when you're ready to store, clear CMline, type and execute:

 run !bak