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backup files (*.bak) in XyWin

I'm new in the list. I'm Italian, and I asked for the subscription thanks
to the suggestions of Robert Holmgren.

Recently I'm experiencing a small but irritating problem that I'd never
before found using XyWin: the expected backup file of the last
original version of the file I'm working on is often not created.
I'm not able to understand when it is created and when not.
Obviously the bk default is set to 1.
The only things I suppose are not constant on my XyWin are the
personal hyphenation file (which I need to hyphenate Italian words)
and the personal spelling file (which I need for the words linked with
apostrophe): these files, in fact, are continuously updated and their
sizes increase.
Any one of you experienced the same problem?

Adriano Ortile