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On 31-AUG-1995 14:55:45.7 xywrite said to LESLIE319
  >A little question for you XY4/DOS users.
  >Until recently, I used the "manage files" dialogue box for opening
  >files. Now, because I've reorganized my subdirectories, I'd rather use
  >the "open files" dialogue box for ease of navigation.
  >When I call up that box, files are sorted by name. When I try to
  >change the default sort to date, I get this error message: "cannot find
  >textin.flt." Then, "SX command requires a number ≪is077≫.
  >I can change the sort for the current session, but not the default.
  >I don't know what the textin.flt file is. It may be on my distribution
  >disks--but I don't want to go through the hassle of reinstalling the
  >entire program.
  >Any ideas?

Why not just use the command line, Jim? It's a lot faster. But seriously:
I believe that the file it's looking for is part of the "Filters"
subdirectory. Did you install the conversion filters when you
loaded the program?

If not, perhaps there's some error either in the .dlg file or the
.mnu file you've got loaded. Have you done any customization of
those? That sometimes brings on weirdness.

Anyway, try reinstalling just those files when the absurd install
program asks you what files you want.




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