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Re: Question

On Sat, 2 Sep 1995, m wrote:

> Why not just use the command line, Jim? It's a lot faster. But seriously:
> I believe that the file it's looking for is part of the "Filters"
> subdirectory. Did you install the conversion filters when you loaded the
> program?
> That's what I've done for years. But...with projects
proliferating and subdirectories metasticizing and brain cells
dying, I would like to be able to point and shoot; my brief
flirtation with WP/Win, pardon the expression, convinced me of
the usefulness of that function.

The TEXTIN.FLT file was missing from my 4.014 distribution disks.
I ran an install, and it wasn't there. Someone on this list was
able to provide me with the missing file, though; it cured part
of the problem. But the OPEN dialogue box still won't remember to
sort by date. I've played with the .dlg file, as per instructions
of another list member, but no go so far.