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At 12/27/2004 11:55 PM -0500, Robert Holmgren wrote:
I get a *Path not found* message. In other words, I > can't go up a directory level. Aw, come on. We've been over and over this, as recently as last week.
Careful, there, fella...a Reading is always reading.
See particularly: http://users.datarealm.com/xywwweb/xysearch.cgi?xywrite/2004/msg00477.htm Or do a XySearch for "archive bit". Use DArchBit.CMD.
Grabbed it. Thanks. Frankly, although I read all the posts, they don't all register, especially during the work day. Same with the blinking Customization Guide, have read it for years and still have to look up the same things "over and over." When I'm using XY and it's working without a hitch, I simply don't think about the program. Yes, I understand that the basics of both DOS and XPL, WIN scripting language too, are a grammar we should know. I just don't work with that grammar often enough to retain enough of it to keep current. And without the right grammar, sometimes, sometimes I miss essential posts in the archives. I reckon I'm not alone in this. I work ON XY during breaks, but those breaks tend to come after long intervals of working only WITH XY. I've been trying to migrate XY from W98SE to XP for several days now, my fourth or fifth such effort across more than a year. With every effort, and with every step, I have to re-learn many of the basics. And, frankly, without the list and the willingness of folks here to tolerate (suffer) the remedial nature of so many of the questions, I'd be stuck, and so would the host of the other nascents on the list. Hence the many benedictions here to you and Carl and Patricia and the others who offer advice, counsel and guidance, over and over again. We appreciate it.
other thing I forgot to mention: I don't say, or think, that Tame is perfect. But we have a real strong history here of denouncing in a Page One headline, and then subsequently publishing a retraction (or merely an implicit retraction, which requires that you have read carefully and followed the whole thread) on page 27. A LOT of things have suffered, been denounced, and been branded in the minds of our thousands of more casual attendees as "not worth the potential trouble". In the case of Tame, I think for XP users who run in a Desktop window, and for many others too, Tame is well worth the trouble, and the expense (US$19).
Actually this time the opposite happened. When Jon Pareles mentioned a few days back that he'd discovered TAME on Uwe Sieber's site, he found it worked well and wondered if he was hallucinating. I wondered too, gave it another try, and was delighted it worked. At all events, I agree with you about the posts -- because they are serial you often miss the bottom line. So, for the record, I bought TAME, it eliminated all the...what does Jon call it?...twitchiness of XY in an XP DosBox; it did it out of the box without having to set any of the switches in its easy-to-understand defaults file. In fact, I too had to throttle back Mode Con: rate & delay. Michael Norman
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