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Re: XyWrite + Win98SE glitch

At 11:37 AM 1/23/00 -0500, Nathan Sivin wrote:
I use the latest versions of both XYDOS and XYWIN. If I want to
edit an existing file, I start the program by locating the file
in Explorer (actually PowerDesk) and clicking on it. Each such
file has an extension associated with the pertinent program
(e.g., *.xy for XYDOS). This posed no problem on my previous
computer with Win95 OSR2. It poses no problem with XyWin. But for
XYDOS files, selecting one of them starts the program from the
same directory as the file is in, rather than from C:\XY.
Therefore EDITOR.EXE can't find STARTUP.INT, and it starts up
crippled. I can correct the problem each time with CD \XY and
then RUN STARTUP.INT, but that is not much of a solution.
Won't putting your XyWrite directory (c:\xy) in the path statement in
autoexec.bat solve the problem?

Bill Rich