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Re: UV

At 10:06 AM 9/29/98 -0500, R Tennenbaum wrote:
>I've heard so much about Ultravision, but haven't seen it in person --
>I wonder if anyone might have a copy of it for sale?

Rafe, you might try Recycle Software at 1-800-851-2425. I asked them today.
have none in stock, but occasionally get one, I gather. You can leave your
name, I think, and they'll let you know if one turns up. (The program's
name was Desktop Ultravision; it retailed for about $60. The vendor was
Personics, which is now into other lines as you know. The copyright holders
are M+H Consulting and John Jurewicz. Perhaps you can track them down.)

I got Recycle's number from Indelible Blue, a good source for OS/2 hardware
and software.
Needed a copy of the discontinued Word for Windows 6.0 to run under WINOS2,
just to be able to manicure, if need be, files converted from XyWrite.
Recycle had it in stock, shrink-wrapped and with a registration card. Have
no idea whether Microsoft still supports, but I'll be using it as little as
possible. Word 6.0 files can be imported into Word 97 & Word 98.

Recycle Software acquires overstock of discontinued software and also buys
used copies from individuals. Have a 30-day return policy.

A slim possibility . . .


Robert Hemenway