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Re: marvelous tongue

Most languages are wonderful and special to most of their native speakers,
and many are rewarding, even divinely so, to those non-natives who manage
to learn them well. All are descended from ancient ancestors and then
variously transmuted by the subsequent ebb and flow of human
movement. Each has its own special flavor, its own tradition and feel, and
its own special way of framing history. And each has its poetry.
What's fun about us humans is, inter alia, that we manage to keep creating
such instruments.

            Happy Holidays,

At 07:12 PM 12/22/01 -0800, you wrote:
    From Morris,

    I have read a wonderful book on the English
    language. You will be well rewarded if you can
    purchase a second hand copy.
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By any standard, English is a remarkable language. It is, to begin with,

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