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Re: OT: Bootable disk images

Norman Bauman wrote:
> Here's a discussion on Slashdot on copying disks as images, so you can get
> a bootable result on the new disk, something we've discussed here before.
> I read it a few minutes after it was posted, so there weren't too many
> responses yet. It seems to be a hard problem. Some people have had success
> with Norton Ghost, but other people have not.
> Norman
> http://ask.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/11/12/1748242

I've successfully copied Win98 using xcopy32 in a dos box - provided
any anti-virus etc. software has been disabled beforehand. (Failing to
do so prevents xcopy32 copying the files the anti-virus is using,
leading to a failure later, at bootup.)

My experience with Ranish Partition Manager is not so positive - a
partition was unreadable after being copied.

The (Russian) Paragon Partition Manager gave a useable copy but was

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