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RE: your subject headers and spam/Xywrite: zc=Zero Capitalization

Well, as I read it, his point is that since subject headers have the potential
to be ambiguous ("Zero Capitalization" might have been a financial come-on),
we should be really, really CAREFUL about how we word our subjects, otherwise
"[his] spam filters will block your e-mail, and also block other e-mail
emanating from the list-serve @ccat.sas.upenn.edu."

But such Spam/XyWrite ambiguities are rare, and it's unreasonable to ask
subscribers to change customary behavior based on a once-in-a-blue-moon
coincidence. What's more, the correct use of spam filters is an individual,
not a collective, responsibility. If your spam filter is blocking XyWrite
mail, better look into it yourself. We can't.

That said, I could investigate the possibility of inserting some kind of
"[XyWrite]" tag into the subject headers of all messages sent by the listproc.
 As far as I can determine (and I've looked into it in the past), this is not
something that I, as list "owner", can control from my desktop; it would
require action by the U.Penn. SysOp. Given the prevailing tempora and mores,
it may be worth asking for.

What does the collective think?

Carl Distefano