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Re: your subject headers and spam/Xywrite: zc=Zero Capitalization

In a message dated 11/13/03 12:55:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, cld@xxxxxxxx writes:

That said, I could investigate the possibility of inserting some kind of
"[XyWrite]" tag into the subject headers of all messages sent by the listproc.
As far as I can determine (and I've looked into it in the past), this is not
something that I, as list "owner", can control from my desktop; it would
require action by the U.Penn. SysOp.  Given the prevailing tempora and mores,
it may be worth asking for.

What does the collective think?

Carl Distefano

Is it really necessary to go to U.Penn Sys. Op?  It seems a very small favor to ask the list members to add a parenthetical reference to Xywrite in their subject lines -- e.g. Zero capitalization (Xywrite). It would occasionally be helpful to those who back up their electronic spam filters with the eyes-and-finger method of filtering.

Granted, ambiguous subject lines to the Xywrite list are rare. Still, I hesitated for a second over `Zero Capitalization'  before I realized it was a Xywrite message; had I been moving faster, I could easily have deleted it as spam that got through the electronic filter.

Lynn  Brenner