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Message #4221

  VERY odd. There seems to be a character right after the word
"magnanamous" [sic] in Message #4221 which causes the comm program I'm
using (Procomm+ 1.1B) to try to do a screen print. Since I don't have
a printer connected to my PRN port I get a DOS "Writing error on PRN /
Abort, Retry, Ignore?" message (while Wildcat has apparently suspended
transmission of further characters -- my RD modem diode is quiescent).
I have to "Abort," which drops me out of Procomm to DOS, then jump back
into Procomm to resume the reading.
  Anybody else with Procomm want to try this out? (Turn your printer
on first). I'll have to doctor my filter table to catch that
character, whatever it is.
  I've used Procomm for 4 years now, & this has never happened before.
And it was a good message, too!