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Re: v112 U2--just to clarify

"M.W. Poirier" wrote:

>   Over the past year and a half, Carl has
>   produced a number of routines on the fly, so to speak, that I use
>   regularly, and I don't think that they are part of the regular U2
>   issue.  Two come to mind.  One is called EMAIL.  It converts a regu-
>   lar XY4 file, with accented letters, italics, etc. to a file that
>   can be e-mailed.  I find it very useful.  Another is called HOP, that
>   creates something like hyper-text, in the sense that I can hop from
>   one file to another

Hmmm . . .  I must have totally missed those two, and I'm the Mad Collector.