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Re: XyWWWeb.U2 Version 114 Released -- Major Upgrade


We strongly urge everyone currently
using U2, and anyone who would like to start using U2, to
install this version.

I use NB6.1 (beta 3) and Win98. I've used U2 with Nota Bene for a couple of years. I've just installed v. 114 on both my computers. But when I inserted the command:

     JM 2.GetXyOS Q2 (JM and Q2 being command codes)

in NBSTART.INT, after the command to load U2, and closed and reopened NB, it crashed. It crashed after rebooting, too. Have you run NB6 with this command in NBSTART.INT and had it work?

The new U2 file works fine for the things I've always used it for.


Mary Bernard