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XyWWWeb.U2 Version 114 Released -- Major Upgrade

Version 114 of XyWWWeb.U2 is available at XyWWWeb:


This is a major upgrade. We strongly urge everyone currently
using U2, and anyone who would like to start using U2, to
install this version.

There are two text files in XYWEB114.ZIP: README.1ST and REG-
READ.ME.  Peruse them both to learn how to install and use U2.

Notwithstanding a slew of new content (bug fixes and programs),
v114 differs from earlier versions in one operational respect
only: a separate, plain-text, configurable REGistry file of
User Variables, replacing the User Vars that were formerly
embedded in U2 itself. The REGistry (file XYWWWEB.REG) should
be inspected and edited before you use the new U2.
Configuration is very easy, and a lot of REG is preconfigured
-- REG-READ.ME explains everything.

There is no point in waiting to "work out the bugs" or let the
dust settle, because future upgrades will be a simple matter of
replacing the old U2 with a new one -- no configuration
required. The only hurdle is REG configuration: just do it
once, and put it behind you. Shouldn't take more than 10-15

If you have questions, we're happy to answer them publicly on
the XyWrite mail list.


Carl Distefano
Robert Holmgren

Robert Holmgren