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Re: XyWWWeb.U2 Version 114 Released -- Major Upgrade

Few things have been more valuable that JumboU2. Yet, with 114, I
have experienced major problems with NB6.0. I've installed it on
XYDos with no problems. NB, however, collapses in an internal
protection fault despite the sg652 fix. (NB6.0, W2K) Result, I've
gone back to 113 with NBWin. I guess NB has moved far away from its
XYWRITE heritage.

Bob Woods

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002 16:15:38 -0400, Robert Holmgren wrote:
>This is a major upgrade. We strongly urge everyone currently
>using U2, and anyone who would like to start using U2, to
>install this version.