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Re: W2K display settings

Great (as regards the display) !

The best method is to use W2K DOS programs in the W2K realm, and to just
copy files from guest system to host system. If you want to cross the
border, there will be problems, because Xy is not aware of modern file
systems. On the other hand, doing some work across borders with older
W2K Windows programs is quite possible. You could try to make a folder
with files that conform strictly to the DOS file naming conventions (8
chrs filename + 3 extension). That way I could issue the following
commands with success:

x = change to host shared folder X
But Xy did not see long filenames or subfolders with long names.

Best regards,

Kari Eveli
LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)

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16.1.2014 18:41, Bill Troop wrote:
OK. Win2K is improved beyond all recognition. Apparently, in my most-used XP install (from a pre-existing image), an earlier edition of Guest Additions had been installed - - that is now updated. But it hadn't been installed in my fresh installs of XP; now that it has, they seem to be viable. Win2K looks really great. It is amazing how the additions make the pointer tenable. HOWEVER, bafflingly, in both Win2K and all XP instances, I still cannot XyWrite to access the drive letter assigned to the host hard drive. If I exit to DOS from XyWrite, and type 'dir S:' 'dir e:' or whatever, the directory comes through fine. It is only in XyWrite itself that I get this baffling 'file not found' message. In addition the Jumbo registry doesn't seem to want to install on Win2K. Maybe it's just a path problem? That I don't know how to fix?