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Re: 3+ printer file needed for HPL-6 emulation

** Reply to message from "Fredric Gross"  on Wed, 19
Nov 2003 18:22:03 -0500

> with the HPL-6 Brother I seem unable to produce a 10 pitch
> Courier italic or bold italic

Sounds like it's defaulting to internal fonts -- you don't say what the result
_is_, only what it isn't. Do you need to download software fonts to the
printer? What are the printer's built-in fonts? Your PRN file is properly set
up for those internal fonts? Which original PRN file did you adapt to the
5040? Did Brother produce any similar PCL machine ten years ago? If so, that
might be PRN you should adapt (fetch at xywrite.com). Why not TYF a very small
text file -- a few lines only -- and take a look at the resulting FO.TMP;
usually, if you know something about PCL and Xy3 PRiNter files, you can dope
out what's wrong. Otherwise, ZIP up, and send here, three files: the source
text file, the result FO.TMP, and your PRN file. (I'm going away, but
doubtless there are others who can help -- esp. Xy3 users.)

Robert Holmgren