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3+ printer file needed for HPL-6 emulation

Hello, all --
For some years, I have been printing into various NEC SuperScript printers using XY3+ in DOS.  The NEC had HPL-4 emulation, and I had minimal trouble making the NECs comply with my needs.
Today, I switched to a Brother 5040, which has HPL-6 emulation (and which, for those involved in a recent discussion, accepts both USB-2 and parallel cables).  At least in theory (as you all know), HPL-6 is supposed to be backwards compatible with earlier HPL standards.
Although I solved the issue with the HPL-4 NEC, with the HPL-6 Brother  I seem unable to produce a 10 pitch Courier italic or bold italic.  In lieu of Courier, I will accept any fixed pitch font of between 9 and 10 to the inch, so long as it printss bold and italics upon demand.
If you have already addressed this issue, I would greatly appreciate you e-mailing me your solutionand not leave me to try to reinvent the wheel.
Fred Gross