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Re: Avant keyboard support package - UPDATED and SOLVED Win7 etc.

Hello Jordan,

Just to clarify, the Avant does not need any 'drivers' once programmed
manually (see Faq) or by means of the Avant reprogramming software. The
compatibility issue is with the reprogramming program which needs a real
W2K, XP or Win 3.1/95/98 computer and US drivers for the keyboard
interface while doing the reprogramming. I did not manage to get any of
the virtual solutions to work. Once reprogrammed, you can use the
keyboard with any operating system that accepts this kind of keyboard in
the first place (any Windows version, Linux, OS/2, eComStation, or any
other system that accepts a PC-type keyboard). No drivers are needed!

However, there is a solution to the compatibility issue that I discoved
this morning. If you can boot your computer to DOS using a diskette or a
USB drive, you can use the Setup for unsupported systems (Windows 7
etc.) included in this version. It worked for me. USE IT AT YOUR OWN
RISK! It is fully documented in the UPDATED VERSION of the package.


Best regards,

Kari Eveli
LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)

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6.2.2017, 0:27, J R FOX wrote:
Hi Kari, Oh, and here I was thinking that those XP drivers would probably work with my W7 32-bit computer, even if requiring XP or W2K compatibility setting. But if that's going to be a waste of time . . . . I could use the generic program, though I think I'd rather use Avant's own. Maybe not a problem: not sure about W2K, but I do have one computer (relegated to a closet, these days) which still has XP on it. Connecting to the Avant should not be a problem. Jordan