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Wondering whether you're getting all your XyList mail? [was: Spam Filters]

** Reply to message from "EBERLE, JIM"  on Thu, 13 Nov
2003 09:24:32 -0500

> Until an e-mail from Robert Holmgren appeared in my e-mail today, I
> can't remember the last time I received anything from the list. Has
> there been a fall off in activity, or should I be looking for a filter
> that is blocking list e-mails?

When this question arises, as it often seems to, the simplest and best way to
determine (very tough for _us_ to determine, since we can't see your mail box!)
is to compare your Inbox with XySearch's list of current year "Messages by
Date" (remembering, of course, that XySearch only updates once per day, at
05:30 Eastern Time):


Robert Holmgren