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Re: your subject headers and spam/Xywrite: zc=Zero Capitalization

 JIM wrote:

> I think the point that's being made by Art and Robert is that the "From" in some e-mail boxes, including mine, lists the name of the sender, not "xywrite @". Thus, I'm unsure whether to open the e-mail or just delete it as spam. I recognize your name and a few others, but not the bulk of the list members.

That may just be a function of the particular List software in use here. For example, I can d/l
attachments that may be posted here. On another List I subscribe to, they always show up as long
blocks of gibberish code.

But you may be on to something. Take for example the way yet another List I receive does its FROM
headers, and divvies them up according to category:

[VOICENWS] SW: New kernels (20031110) on IBM testcase FTP site

The section in parenthesis is constant, indicating that the item is from the VOICE List. (It is
apparently not _as_ private a List as this one is, since spam items have snuck through occasionally.
 Not at all recently, however.) The "SW:" shows that the message concerns software,
typically some new release
or update. There are several other categories, so initialized. The closest we come to that is the
purely voluntary, on sender's initiative "OT:" we put at the start of a message title, to
show that the post is OFF-Topic. I would definitely not want to banish the OT posts, or the List
would be very quiet at
times, and someone might not find the info they otherwise would. And I don't know that the category
thing makes as much sense on a more narrow List like this one.