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Re: XyWrite in a big CRT monitor

Peregrine@xxxxxxx wrote:

> ≪ I am now using a 21" inch monitor and, obviously, the XyWrite text
> screen is very big. I can see the pixels and the matrix of the character
> very clearly, too clearly for my taste. I have attempted different
> default settings (like eg=2 and so on) but the 43 or 50 lines screens
> are ugly. Any suggestions for achieving a more comfortable vision?
> Manuel Castelao ≫
> Assuming you are running this in Windows, set up a desktop "shortcut" and
> adjust Properties/Screen/Usage to "Window" using the "Default" size (You may
> already be doing this). Then increase your screen resolution to something
> HIGHER than 800 x 600. (Unless your vision is severely weak, you don't want
> lower resolution settings on a 21" monitor.) This should force XyWrite to
> run in a window that is closer to the size you're accustomed to seeing. It
> may take further experimentation to get the results you want, but once you've
> got it, you've got it.
> Jeff Seager

I should have thought of what you suggested to Manuel. Come to think of it, my
Dad has run his Xy-3 on up to 17-inchers, at 800 x 600, and I probably had -- at
least subconsciously -- a similar reaction to the display. When I tried to promote
the idea of a higher res., he objected that icons and titles on desktop items then
became too small.