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Re: Interested in possibly buying XyWrite: a few questions.

Reply to note from TBaehr@xxxxxxxx Wed, 19 Jan 2000 22:41:10 EST

-> I really think you'd be happier with the DOS version, XyWrite
-> 4.018, unless you want to get into some of the fancy
-> "TrueType" fonts available for Windows products.

I agree, especially since you express reservations about the Windows
interface. Aside from access to TrueType fonts and WYSIWYG editing,
there's nothing the Windows program can do that Xy4 DOS can't do as
well or better, and with less overhead, fuss and muss.

The scalable Bitstream Speedo fonts (monospaced, serif and sans
serif) that come with the DOS product are high-quality. (I've
managed a law practice quite well with nothing but.) If stability
and speed are what you value, then DOS is definitely the way to go.

Carl Distefano