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starting XyWin in minimal mode

I haven't used XyWin for some time, and when I tried today to start it,
I got two error messages: "Error loading Windows printer fonts" and
"Protection violation". I can't clear the second message, and have to
force a close at that point. I don't believe there has been any change
to any of the management files since I last used the program, but of
course many other program installations during the interim could have
changed my system so it's now hostile to my earlier XyWin settings.

Is there a parameter that can be used to load XyWin with minimal baggage
so I can search for the problem? At this point I can't even get in.

If I knew what the culprit was, I could use NBWin to edit the management
file causing the problem. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

	Many thanks,

Dorothy Day
School of Library & Information Science
Indiana University

	"He also surfs who only sits and waits."