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Re: Interested in possibly buying XyWrite: a few questions.

Michael - Here is some information in addition to what I sent you privately:

The 4 MB file size is based on the fact that XyWrite creates almost no
"overhead" for formatting. In a 1,000,000-byte file, some 900,000 characters
are likely to be actual text.

I have MultiMate filters in my installation, and I think they came standard
with the DOS product.

You can work with master documents and import other documents into them.
XyWrite allows you to create an active link between the master document and
the other file(s), so that you can change one of the "satellite" files and
then update the master document to include the changes. I do this all the
time for a church bulletin that has a lot of standard text and then some
variable text (prayer requests) that vary every week. The requests reside in
small files that I edit weekly, and the master document is updated to include
the contents of the smaller files.

I really think you'd be happier with the DOS version, XyWrite 4.018, unless
you want to get into some of the fancy "TrueType" fonts available for Windows

Good luck!

Tim Baehr