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Re: Puzzling lack of F8

To recap, Harry said that he had the same problem even when trying other
keyboards, and that it happens _only_ in Xy. The first statement lets us
safely discard the gummed-up keyswitch theory. As for the second, I
wonder whether Harry has tried other _DOS_ applications (not Windows
programs) under XP. Does F8 work for example in some other DOS-based
editor (various freeware should be easily findable on the web if not at
hand)? If F8 works fine there, then the Xy KBD file has _got_ to be the
culprit and replacing it with a plain vanilla version should be the
first step. But if no, there may be a problem with the DOS box
properties settings of XP, and some of the steps suggested by Robert may

Just FWIW (not much, I'm afraid).

Wolfgang Bechstein