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Re: 1980 Date in XY3+ DIR list

"The OS2Warp clock has the correct date. [...W]hen I do a DIR in XY3+ and
look at the date for when a file was last stored, it reads the correct month
and day, but '80 sted '96. [...] Has this happened to anyone else?" --Richard
T. Pienciak 

Nope, not if I've reconstructed that correctly--that your xyW dir listings
for '96 files read '80 instead of '96.

"it seems that XY3+ is on a 16-yr calendar (at least mine is). [...] So any
date will reset to one within the 16-yr cycle. I accept that XY3 has been
around a while, but does it expire? I don't accept that. It is so difficult
to find software that fulfills. Why should it end this way? BTW, I do have
XY4 and messed around with it when I first put it on my system."

Which xy3 version would this be with the 16-year calendar? My xyW 3.52, 3.56,
and 3.57 all show dir listings with proper dates for files saved today while
each was loaded. Of course the boring old DR DOS 6 under them may have
something to do with that. Do you have some reason to think that xy4 will
give you the correct year with your setup?

"Maybe XY3 is just trying to tell you that it's outdated? 8-)" --Harmon
Seaver  hoka hey!

v3 does that only by being unaware that partitions can be bigger than 33K
(shows up in dir listings when more than 33K is vacant, causes no probs, is
just sort of quaint), and by being fast on any hardware, an apparently
outmoded software concept. 	--A

========================== annie fisher  nyc