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Re: 1980 Date in DIR list for XY3+: PART 2

** Reply to note from Beeson, Douglas  01/04/96 3:58pm PST

> Richard,
> I just dusted off my copy of XyWrite 3.57 and found it to give accurate
> dates when running under Windows 3.1, both as a full-windowed DOS program
> (w/ PIF file) and from the command line in a DOS window.
> As a future OS/2 Warper, I shudder to think of the possibility that vintage
> XyWrite code does not run properly in OS/2. Anyone else?
> Doug Beeson
> beesond@xxxxxxxx

v3.57 reflects the correct (1996) date under OS/2 v3.0 with FixPack 10 applied. 
Works fine under OS/2 v2.11 also.

Robert Holmgren