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Re: v112 U2--just to clarify

** Reply to message from Judith Davidsen

> ezinstal, swapword, and expand don't show up in v112 at all

Because deleted, or superceded by a different frame, or duplicative of a
different frame

> [3.] frames 5finito, 5nws, 5printenv, 5ddeoed, and 5xff got the
> comment "S/G mismatch: stop processing frame."

The Save/Get numbers changed (probably). You need to manually put the old data
on the new numbers, if the instructions are the same but the numbers are
different. A total PITA, I know. XYWWWEB.REGistry is just days away from a
debut, in forthcoming v114. For NBWin, XyWin, Xy4. It will be a relief to
you, to me, to everyone.

Robert Holmgren