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Re: v112 U2--just to clarify

Reply to note from Harry Binswanger  Wed, 04 Sep
2002 11:48:01 -0400


> I have version 105. I recall that some super-mega-version is
> coming soon, one with Rexx built in (or not needing Rexx?).
> Carl, could you give us a status report? I don't mean an ETA, I
> mean which version is the must-have one that we are waiting
> for. In other words, I only want to do the upgrade when there's
> a quantum jump in value.

There are a couple of major developments on the horizon.  One is the
Registry, a free-standing file that will contain most of the User
Variable (customization) information that is currently sprinkled
throughout U2 itself.  Users will reap a two-fold advantage: First,
the Registry file will be freely editable, with no need to reload U2
every time a User Var is changed.  Second, installing new versions of
U2 will become a simple COPY operation, overwriting the old U2 file
with the new.  Upgrades won't overwrite user data in the Registry, so
User Var backups and restores will become a thing of the past.  We're
planning to introduce the Registry with the next upgrade to U2.

The other development you allude to is a free Rexx runtime module
that will enable Windows users to run U2 routines that require an
add-on known as XyShell (formerly called the Xy-OS/2 Shell).  XyShell
interacts with the larger operating system and other apps, increasing
XPL's power and versatility exponentially.  It's available in beta
for Windows users; see Robert's post dated 27 Jul 2002 re "XyShell
(Rexx interface for XyWrite)".

Carl Distefano