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Re: search subdirectories


I missed SWEEP completely when I was looking through U2 for
possible solutions, but now that I'm trying it I'm getting
different results from yours.

> SWEEP se d:\path\*.*"search_term"
> When you choose to open a file, you're left, rather
> unhelpfully, at the top of the file, not at the last
> found instance of the search_term.

Not for me. The command lands me right on the search term in
each open file, but opens only the files in the directory,
not the subdirectories.

> SWEEP JM2.se[sv50,d:\path\*.*"search_term"]Q2
Again, this works only in the directory but not the
subdirectories, and also opens only one file, not all the
relevant files in the directory.

> For further information, see the Help screens on SWEEP and Global
> Search: command HELP SWEEP and HELP Global Search.
> The pseudo-XPL used in SWEEP's U2 usage is XMACRO code. It may not
> be pretty to look at, but it puts the power of XPL right up there on
> the command line. Command HELP XMACRO for details.
Does my getting SWEEP to do what I want it to do depend on
my grasping the details at SWEEP, Global Search and XMACRO?

Thanks for your help.

> Reply to note from Judith Davidsen  Fri, 11
> Jan 2002 18:23:28 -0500
> > Is there anything in Xy4.018 or U2 that will allow me to
> > search, with one command, every subdirectory of a directory for
> > a string,and have it open the relevant file(s) and land right
> > on the string?