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Shift key naming

Finally I got around to following Carl's advice on Xy4Dos:

> Another salubrious .KBD-file technique that's been discussed here
> from time to time is to rename the designations for the CAPS, SHIFT,
> ALT and CTRL keys to non-standard names (e.g., I use KAPS, SHFT,
> XALT and CNTL). I forget precisely what anomalies it avoids and
> whether there's any overlap with those addressed by func NI, but
> it's definitely a Good Thing to do.
> And, lest there be any doubt, the keynames
> have to be uppercase (KAPS not kaps or Kaps).

When I renamed SHIFT to SHFT, though, Xy behaved oddly when
the Page-up and End keys were pressed, acting as if the F1
`define' key had been pressed. Adding an XD to the key
definition made no difference.

In addition, the End key reverted to its classical
definition - putting the cursor at end of line, whereas in
my kbd file its assignment is NF - next formatted page.

Restoring the status quo put things right.

Tab key:

Did I read somewhere that Xy4Dos is not too
co-operative over having the Tab key as a shift key? I've
had it that way for years on 3.55 but at the back of my
memory is a recommendation to eliminate it from 4. I've
searched the forum files but found nothing there (though
it's hard to be sure that the search strings one enters exhaust
all the possibilites).


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