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Re: search subdirectories

One mught also have a look at MINITRUE or the heavy-weight Lotus 
Magellan.  Both are available for free off the net.  I don't have
the addresses for either of these programmes at hand, but a google
search should find them.  If someone would like to download them,
but cannot find a copy of either, e-mail me, and I'll post the
address to the list.  M.W. Poirier

P.S.:  The jumbo.u2 file can call up MINITRUE, as I recall.

On Sat, 12 Jan 2002 Writer892@xxxxxxx wrote:

> You might try DTSearch, a shareware program you can download for evaluation 
> at dtsearch.com.
> It can be set to search any directory and
> brings up the text in context.  And it is super fast.
> Bob Ashley