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Re: Setup routine for new / returning users

On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 8:50 AM, mailto:cld@xxxxxxxx wrote:
And thank you, Fred, for pointing out the glitch. As an alternative
to launching XyWrite with the Editor command, the download now includes
a BATch file (EDIT.BAT) that forces the DOS session into a 25x80 display
before starting XyWrite, so that the two screen sizes (DOS and Xy default)
are congruent. Of course, the user can always adjust these to taste.

I'm hoping you will help with a couple of other problems I've run into:

1. Trouble loading STACKAUX from http://STARTUP.INT, to allow the stack to
carry over between sessions. What I had plugged into INT, directly under your
command JM 2.Stack.intQ2, is:

followed by a few commands in the form ≪SV627,YMca/100 filename≫$S where
"Y" is actually the Japanese yen sign (I think); these place a few common
commands to call files in the stack with each session (I learned this by
watching RH's video on XyWritizing NoteBene). These work fine once I take
the STACKAUX line out, but while it's in there it screws up the PP table
which loads subsequently so that SETP no longer works properly. Is it
possible to carry over the stack with the configuration as you have designed
it (I'll bet it is!)?

2. A triviality: the cmline has two semicolons (;;) left on it after INT is
processed. I combed through INT without being able to find out why.

As always, thanks for your help.