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Re: Working fastest in __ mode (was: Large fonts...)

** Reply to note from xywrite@xxxxxxxx Sun, 1 Mar 1998 04:29:27 -0500

I assume that you are using XyWin? It may well be that some operations are faster
in XP under XyWin, but the ones we tested were roughly 10x faster in WP than in
XP. Why? Because XyWin is optimized for graphical display, and draft mode display
is a just a graphic-mode kludge that uses a particular font (the OEMFONTS.FON
font). XyWin actually has to do _more_ work to display in draft mode than in
graphic mode. To put it another way, XyWin is faking IBM text mode on its
standard graphical screen. That's why it looks so god awful.

So XyWin is unique. In all other version of XyWrite, XP is much faster.