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   Yes I do have a response to your other questions.  At this time there is no 
way of displaying a helpframe, and having working control of a file.  Thus the 
menu can't be shown all the time.  However, you can make them show when there 
is no file open.  Simply check to see if your window status ($WS) value is 
equal to zero.  If it is implement the Show Help (SH) function.
   Secondly, it is possible to make a type 0 help frame call another type 0 
frame.  Within the first (main) help frame, make the options keywords to other 
type 0 helpframes.  This will activate the next menu with that keyword.
   Lastly, the advice that was previously given to you are changing the 
initialization files is probably the best way to handle your problem.  
Hope this information helps.