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Harry's idea is a good one, but the way I do it is to set up a few different
startup.int files in the directories where I need something special. For
example, I use a customized printer file for a class I teach. When I start up
Xy in that directory, it loads the current directory's startup.int. In the same
way, I have a dot matrix printer that I use occasionally for labels. I start up
Xy in the label directory, and it loads that printer file. The one problem with
this approach is that Xy looks for a startup.int file in the current directory,
then follows down the PATH variable to look for others. This means that if the
secondary startup.int file is in a directory referenced by the DOS path
variable, it needs to be AFTER the directory that contains the primary
startup.int file.

Since I use a directory tree set up for particular tasks, and move in and out
of various programs quite a bit, this works well for me. Alternatively, you
could save "run c:\xy\bob\startup.int" variants to a series of save/gets.