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Re: FILE DATES/NB 4.x (fwd)

Already a correction to my reporting of NB4.x experience on the NB list:
the FD default setting corrects the date display glitch.


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Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 11:39:26 -0600 (CST)
From: "M.W. Poirier" 
Reply-To: notabene@xxxxxxxx
To: Multiple recipients of list NOTABENE 
Subject: Re: FILE DATES/NB 4.2

>> When I checked the date from the DOS prompt line this morning (with the
>> command "date"), it reported correctly:
>> Current date is Sat 01-01-2000.
>> However, a file saved from NB4.2 for DOS shows up with the year 100, as
>> in this display run from within NB.
>> .          JAN-01-100 10:23a
>> .          JAN-01-100 10:23a
>> PCMDEC31 99     2368  JAN-01-100 10:24a


>  This is strange. I don't have any problems getting the correct date
>  with NB 4.5a (DOS). What you have to do is change the line
>             FD=MMM-DD-YY
>  to
>             FD=MMM-DD-YYYY
>  in the file NBCUSTOM.SET. If you make that change, I don't think
>  there will be a problem, and NB 4.5a (DOS) will be Y2K compliant.
>  Illustration:
>      C:\NB4\WORK\THINGS.NB4 01/01/2000 12:27 PM
>  Please, confirm that it works someone, because I changed that line
>  months ago, and I think it was in NBCUSTOM.SET that I made the
>  change.
>  As regards XPL utilities, here too I made a few changes to programme
>  lines, and everything worked out. For instance, I use J.-P.'s
>  LOGF programme, and I'm getting the correct date.
>  One has to be a little brave in these matters. But before being brave,
>  make a copy of the utility that your planning to edit. Do the same
>  Regards,
>  M.W. Poirier