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Re: Notabene -- y2k bummer

On Sat, 1 Jan 2000, Yo Intl. wrote:

> Well, what do you know? Back from the obligatory Auld Laing Syne and
> kiss -- kiss -- kiss at the local expat bar and a nice sake and cup of
> noodles at the local temple, and here I crank up the Windoze box and
> see how my programs work and guess what?
> Everything works, except NotaBene, which starts up with an "Performed
> an Illegal Operation" message and quits.
> What to do? I am too well-oiled right now to be angry but tomorrow
> morning I will be.
> NotaBene, what do you say?

New York may be sleeping in today, but my NBWin fired up very nicely
after midnight and again today, no illegal operations of any sort. But
then, I haven't been drinking (except for gallons of water for a

Others on the NB list have checked NB versions for date displays, and
reported the 1/01/00 display in NBWin (no mention of crashing, so I
assume there was none), 1-01-2000 if a dir was issued from a command
line; and JAN-01-100 in Nb4.x, just as in Xy4 (January 1, 2000 properly
inserted into an open file using the DA or TODAY commands).

Maybe something else is your system is unhappy. Have you run the
oh-so-charming Recover from the Notabene folder in your Start menu to
remove non-unloaded .dlls, and tried again?


Dorothy Day
School of Library & Information Science
Indiana University

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