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RE: Can I get full screen in windows 7 32 bit

Hi, I've been trying to find a xywrite version that works with Windows 7 (not answer on this list). Could you help me? I'm a total newbie.


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Subject: Can I get full screen in windows 7 32 bit


Dear Fellow Xywriters


I have a new dell computer with 32 bit windows 7 professional with 4 gigs of ram.  Unitl I get my dmi(I hope that is right) cable for my monitor I am using the vga port on the motherboard and have removed my video card.  


 When I went into Xywrite I received a message when I tried to go full screen that the system does not support full screen mode.  Is there a work around for this.  


If there isn't, any reason why I should not go back to xp where xy worked fine.  The only reason I got windows 7 was because dell no longer shipped pc's with windows xp.



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